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Coquito Cold Brew - Tradition in a bottle

It’s the holiday season 🎼 and for many of us that means get togethers with loved ones and traditions, all tied into feelings of celebration for many different reasons.  Celebratory drinks are seen as a staple for many! Here in the US, for these holiday months, eggnog is typically that - the drink that brings warmth and fills many with that HOLIDAY feeling.   In Puerto Rico, that holiday celebratory drink is Coquito, meaning “little coconut”…. Remember I told you we add “ito” to many, many different things 😆 Its been said that it was included in Puerto Rican cook books in the 1950’s but really grew in popularity in the 70’s. Now, a yearly tradition, especially around the months...

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Coffee Cupping at Yellow Rooster Coffee Imports

We are still ecstatic about having attended our first public cupping session with Yellow Rooster Coffee Imports this past weekend! We’ve been cupping at home since the start of our journey, but with COVID and all, had not been able to attend a public session.  Yellow Rooster Coffee Imports made it happen and we are so thankful we were able to attend and meet all of their team plus other coffee roasters! They are located in Tampa and thankfully Grandma kept the kids and we were able to take a nice, pretty straight forward drive there.  Yellow Rooster Coffee Imports is a team of coffee professionals that have established relationships with coffee farms in South America making it possible for...

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Why we chose the hummingbird, you ask?

So far in this journey, we have had to make plenty of decisions.  Lots of choices have been available to us, not only related to fonts, colors, styles but also with decisions requiring more intention such as carving out time, making timelines, and looking forward with hope.  A symbol for the company initially came with the thought that "something was missing" and as the idea of a hummingbird came to mind it started to stand out as the perfect addition to the logo given its meaning and symbolism.  A few years ago, I received a few gifts based on hummingbirds from my dad. He related it to me being small, quiet and a busy body ... Seems about right :) Little did I...

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Greetings coffee lovers, family, friends, soon to be friends :)  Here we are… watering the seed of an idea that was planted early in 2021. So many changes have been directed our way in the past few months. We are thankful in the ability to step into uncharted territories while pursuing something that we can be creative in,  brings us many happy memories and we hold hope will lead us into many more happy memories.  Our visions are broad but tend to revolve around care, ideas, creativity, adventure, togetherness, optimism, faith, giving back … and I’m sure we’ll keep adding to that as we go along :)  We know we can’t do this alone, we hope you will join us...

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