Roasted with Care in Lake Nona, Orlando, FL


Greetings coffee lovers, family, friends, soon to be friends :) 

Here we are… watering the seed of an idea that was planted early in 2021. So many changes have been directed our way in the past few months. We are thankful in the ability to step into uncharted territories while pursuing something that we can be creative in,  brings us many happy memories and we hold hope will lead us into many more happy memories. 

Our visions are broad but tend to revolve around care, ideas, creativity, adventure, togetherness, optimism, faith, giving back … and I’m sure we’ll keep adding to that as we go along :) 

We know we can’t do this alone, we hope you will join us to bring this idea to life while sipping on coffee that sparks your ideas, creativity and moves you to bring them to life! 

Roasted with care, 

Nona Coffee