Roasted with Care in Lake Nona, Orlando, FL

Why we chose the hummingbird, you ask?

So far in this journey, we have had to make plenty of decisions.  Lots of choices have been available to us, not only related to fonts, colors, styles but also with decisions requiring more intention such as carving out time, making timelines, and looking forward with hope. 

A symbol for the company initially came with the thought that "something was missing" and as the idea of a hummingbird came to mind it started to stand out as the perfect addition to the logo given its meaning and symbolism. 

A few years ago, I received a few gifts based on hummingbirds from my dad. He related it to me being small, quiet and a busy body ... Seems about right :) Little did I know the amount of attributes that they symbolize. 

The meaning per "Google" varies widely. They carry different symbolism according to native american, eastern, christian, african, celtic belief systems. 

Ultimately, joy, peace, happiness, enjoying life and simple pleasures are at the forefront of their meaning. Other attributes they are known for are endurance and perseverance given their ability to travel far distances to reach their destination. Their flight pattern changes from flying backwards to side ways, up and down which shows their ability to adapt to change and in my opinion "roll with the punches".  Nonetheless, a positive creature that fit perfectly into our logo and we're super glad about it. 

So if you thought "I wonder why the hummingbird?"... there you have it :)

Roasted with care,